What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Learn What Email Marketing Is All About

There are so many different ways to market your online business or any products that you are hoping to sell online. Spreading the word to your target market can be difficult in some cases because at first nobody knows what you are selling and so many others out there are trying hard to catch their attention with some that could be competing directly against you. To keep up with the competition, you need to master some of the marketing techniques. Email marketing is one of the older methods that are still being practiced today because it is easy to do if you have the right tools.

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Defining Email Marketing

Email marketing is all about bringing content to people’s inboxes. Providing that the recipients opted in to receive information, email marketing will never be considered spam. This method of marketing is quite effective as most active Internet users check their e-mail accounts daily and in some cases, more often each day. It also doubles as an organizing tool for managing leads, so people on the list can be contacted individually on demand. Usually, email marketing is powered by group messages that are sent containing advertisements or special offers that may tempt people on the list to check out.

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Tools Required for Email Marketing

While you can start email marketing campaigns using your existing e-mail addresses, it is better to create a separate account to better manage your contacts and avoid mixing personal e-mails with business e-mails.

Email Marketing Made Simple

You will also need an autoresponder so people that visit your website can be automatically greeted with an email once they agree to be a part of their list. The opt-in and activation e-mails help separate the bots and spammers from people that are interested in what you have to offer. It is also capable of tracking e-mail messages and sending group messages at specific intervals making follow-up emails easy which is crucial for successful e-mail marketing campaigns. AWeber is one of the best autoresponder tools that help get the job done.

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Why AWeber is a Vital Tool

Aweber is one of the most reliable autoresponders mainly because it is widely accepted by the major email providers. Most of the other autoresponders are cheaper, but their emails often end up in the spam folder because their services were abused in the past because of their cheap rates. Some e-mail providers like Yahoo! Mail blacklist some autoresponders from even reaching the “Junk” folder. Also, AWeber allows attractive newsletters to be made through the dozens of HTML templates included with the subscription. Non-web-designers can benefit greatly from the service as the setup remains simple and integrating good looking sign up forms are easy. It also has useful reports that can track the progress of your e-mail marketing.

You can start your email marketing quest by simply getting an AWeber account and let the tools that it comes to do the work. There is a support section for assistance and many templates should leave you a lot to work within targeting your audience.


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