Wealthy Affiliate Review

After I’d read several positive Wealthy Affiliate reviews from friends and colleagues, I finally succumbed and decided to join up. I am forever grateful that I did! Now that I understand what everyone’s talking about, I wish I’d joined up sooner.

Tools and Resources

As soon as you become a member, you’re handed more than $6,000 worth of tools and resources that are specifically designed to give your online business the best chance of succeeding.

They even show you how to get the most possible use out of every tool they give you, showing you how to maximize your profits and use them to boost your business’s growth. Before you even get into the deep learning stuff, they encourage you to start making money within minutes.

The Wealthy Affiliate program comes with video tutorials and course guides and they showed me how to master some amazingly effective marketing techniques that bring in new customers and website visitors in ways I’d never imagined.

Every one of the wonderful WA members assured me that I could build my own business around the things I enjoy doing, with my own choice of products. They showed me exactly how to tailor all their information and tools to suit my own online business – my way!

No Wealthy Affiliate review would be complete without taking a look at some of the other benefits to the program. After all, there’s a whole lot more to this program than just learning how to build an online business. One of the most important lessons I learned is that you don’t need to spend money to make money. They taught me how to find the most profitable products and how to include them in my own business.

The Wealthy Affiliate Forum

Wouldn’t you just love to take a sneak peek at some of the amazing information available on the Wealthy Affiliate forums?

So many people discount the true value of forums, but the reality remains that forums are the best way to form a network of like-minded people.

Aside from the benefits of being a part of a community that will support your online business as it grows, there are other aspects of joining a private, members-only forum too.

For example, if the only members on a forum are all focused on learning the tips and tricks of the really successful internet marketers, then obviously all the topics and questions being asked are all going to be about learning more ways to increase profits.

Even if you’re a little shy about asking a question about something you really want to learn, you’re sure to find that very same question has already been asked by someone else. The best part about the Wealthy Affiliate forums is that no matter what the question is, there are so many helpful, successful members willing to answer anything you ever need.

These benefits mean that you have the perfect opportunity to learn, expand, and grow by already knowing how to avoid making the same mistakes as others before you. You can simply focus on the tasks that you know are already going to be profitable. That’s an ideal way to beat the learning curve and increase the odds of achieving real success dramatically.

Community forums aren’t just for learning though. After all, you may find that many members become active supporters and advocates for your particular business. When you consider that the thousands of people who are already private members of the forums all have their own online businesses, you’ll quickly understand that there’s no such thing as real competition between them all.

Networking through forums could mean you are introduced to people who may be promoting complimentary products to your own. This gives you the unique opportunity to arrange and organize joint ventures with people where you could both increase your profits hugely.

In fact, the vast range of different products, services, and markets that can be covered by all these different internet marketers means that it’s unlikely you’ll find another member with the precise same focus as your own business.

This is probably the main reason why everyone’s so happy to try to help you succeed on the Wealthy Affiliate forums. They already know that the membership is limited to only people working towards exactly the same goals, so it benefits everybody to be a part of a support network that means everyone can be a success.

I was a bit worried about asking questions at first. I was afraid they’d think my questions were stupid.

Wealthy Affiliate

I learned quickly that any time I got stuck or couldn’t get something working how I wanted it, all I had to do was get on the forum and ask. So many people immediately offered their help and suggestions because they were all beginners once too, so they understand completely what you need. On top of this, there are many successful people to network with. There are so much support and encouragement from the members there that you can’t drag me away from such a great forum now. I took a screenshot of inside the Wealthy Affiliate forum to show you the type of success members are having after joining Wealthy Affiliate.


The part I like the most about the Wealthy Affiliate program is that the two guys who created this great program will give you one-on-one mentoring. They’ll lead you by the hand as your online business grows. They’re serious about making sure you succeed in building a great income from your new business venture.

Wealthy Affiliate Accreditation Course

Wealthy Affiliate owners, Kyle and Carson are now offering accreditation in various areas of Internet marketing. This accreditation provides “expert” status within the Wealthy Affiliate community and delivers the most in-depth learning material for each topic. Each course includes hours of step-by-step instruction, tips, and strategies. From ground-zero information to steps of getting started, to the most advanced aspects of the topic, WA Courses provides those who wish to become “experts”, the seal of approval.

WA Courses are for those who wish to be accredited by Wealthy Affiliate and have accredited status within the community. Your accreditation will be displayed throughout the community, including your WA Space, and Forum among other areas.

Being an accredited Pay-per-click marketer by Wealthy Affiliate will put you in a league of your own. When it comes to Pay-per-click marketing, you are being trained by two of the world’s best PPC marketers. With millions of dollars earned via PPC, Kyle & Carson know what it takes to be a top PPC marketer. From connecting with starving audiences to the integral parts of Google Adwords to advanced tweaking and optimization strategies, the PPC course provides it all. This 12 lesson, 50-hour course is worth thousands to any marketer who becomes accredited.

Join WA Accreditation Course

What is Google AdWords?

My Wealthy Affiliate Review Conclusion

I’m happy to recommend this program to anyone serious about making real money online. It’s great value for money and within minutes of joining up, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

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