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iPage receives top reviews on most hosting sites, but I recommend you read my entire review right now. In fact, please do not leave this page, as there are several things you need to know that other sites don’t tell you.

In this iPage review, I tested my account, called them on the phone, and researched credible resources to help you make your own decision.


Smart business owners and individuals understand the importance of having a great website for their digital presence online. They also know that they need a dependable web hosting company to offer all the tools they need to make this happen. If you are overwhelmed by all of the choices that are available to you, and iPage review should help you make the decision that is right for you.

Why iPage is Number One

iPage hosting has been in business since 1998 – focusing on putting together the perfect hosting plan for any small/medium-sized websites. Their hosting is an affordable, wise choice for new bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

Are They Reliable?

This company has been in business for over 20 years and has accumulated a team of expert staff. They now host over 2 million websites worldwide.

If you’re concerned about downtime affecting the success of your website, then you’d be happy to know that iPage offers a 99% up-time guarantee on all servers.

iPage utilizes Dell hosting servers and employs staff to monitor them 24/7 and ensure that any problems are fixed before customers are affected.

Free Domain for Life

First of all, you will get 1 free domain of your choice. It can be any .com, .net, .org, .biz and etc domain. For as long as you host with iPage, you do not need to pay for the domain fee, it will be a saving of at least $10 per year.

iPage Offers Unlimited Resources

iPage provides unlimited storage. When it says unlimited, it’s limitless! You can host as many files as you wish in the hosting account. Well, of cause it’s limited to only website-related files. Don’t even think of personal storage! With that said, you have plenty of space to use.

In terms of bandwidth, you will have limitless bandwidth too. iPage allows you to host multiple websites under 1 hosting account. This is an important feature where you can save money from buying extra hosting when you are knee to have another blog or business website.

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Hosting Plans

iPage Hosting Is Extremely Cheap

At $1.99/mo, you get to host unlimited domains in one hosting account. Instead of pumping up the price to fight inflation like so many other hosting companies, iPage has reduced its price down by 25% compared to three years earlier! If you are looking for a budget host, look no further, iPage is the answer. Business owners and individuals will find a wide range of hosting plans to meet their specific website hosting needs.

An iPage Essential web hosting plan is affordable for anyone that wants to deploy a praiseworthy website. This hosting package comes with many added benefits, including Beginner Ready Tools to build your site, Marketing Tools and Advertising Credits, Email services, Cloud Storage, 1-Click installation of Blogging software, Photo Galleries, and other website needs.

Quick Guide to the iPage Essential Plan

The iPage Essential Plan includes the right features to suit most bloggers and small businesses who want to create a website.

  • Free domain name for 1 year (renews at $11.80/year)
  • Host unlimited domains/websites
  • Unlimited hosting space (200,000 file limit. Most big sites never reach that)
  • Unlimited data transfer (perfect for everything except video streaming which requires a different bandwidth setup)
  • Free online store (take payments, sell your products/services)
  • Free blog (1-click install)
  • Free advertising credits (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and more)

However, if you were looking for more advanced features, then there are lots of optional add-ons to choose from, including:

  • Domain privacy ($11.80 per year)
  • SSL certificates (free for shared SSL)
  • Voice over IP Services

The deal sounded too good to be true and I was skeptical if there were any hidden costs. If you want to transfer domain somewhere else, you can easily do so as you own it.

If you want to start a blog, you will find that their WordPress Web Hosting is just what you need. iPage offers both a WP Starter $3.75/mo, and a WP Essential $6.95/mo Hosting plans. Both plans are affordable and give people the convenience and performance they need to manage a professional blog. Included in both plans is a core hosting plan, a customized Control Panel, and Pre-Installed Themes and Plugins to get you started. People who choose the WP Essential hosting plan also benefit from Super Speeds, Enhanced Security, and access to WP Expert Support.

For more complex website applications and development projects, VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers (starting at $141.00/mo) are also available to clients. There are three VPS packages to choose from including Basic – $23.50/mo, Business – $56.40/mo, and Optimum – $94.00/mo. All of these hosting packages include a C-Panel Control Panel, Semi-Private Resources, and the ability to upgrade and deploy resources seamlessly on cloud infrastructure. World-Class Support is there 24 X 7 to provide help whenever you need it.

Businesses or developers that want independent control and the ability to install and run applications without restrictions will find that a dedicated server hosted by iPage gives them the resources, speed, and flexibility to deploy services as needed. There are three dedicated server packages to choose from including Startup, Professional, and Enterprise level servers. Dedicated servers include a CPanel control panel and optional root access, fully managed support, dedicated resources, the ability to seamlessly scale your server as needed, and pricing predictability every month.

Uptime & Downtime

Uptime and downtime are major concerns for many hosting clients these days. iPage experiences very little downtime and guarantees their clients 99.9% uptime. When you choose iPage for your hosting needs, you can rest easy knowing that your site is always available to your visitors.

iPage Review

In the News

Recently, iPage announced that they have integrated technology that allows their clients to create customized Facebook pages from the iPage User Control Panel. This integration gives website publishers the ability to control their Facebook page, gauge their Facebook metrics, and engage with their friends, family, and fans. For people who do not think of themselves as being savvy with computers and technology, this addition is beneficial. It coordinates the process of setting up a Facebook page and integrating it with its remote website presence.

Their Customized vDeck Website Control Panel Is Easy to Use

iPage offers CPanel control panel access to all of their clients. This is a graphical user interface that gives hosting customers the tools they need to manage their hosting accounts easily. You’re given a log-in account immediately when you sign up for an iPage hosting plan, so you don’t need to wait around to begin creating a website. For those new to hosting, a “Getting Started” wizard is there to help clients as they delve into their new hosting account. Clients will also find many video tutorials to refer to when they are setting things up or as they need them. Using CPanel, customers can monitor their resource usage, access their file manager, make backups of their data, change their contact information, billing information, and their account password. Additionally, they can manage their domain, add sub-domains, implement redirects and control their FTP account access.

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New Webmasters Love the Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

Designing and building your website is easy with their Drag and Drop Site Builder (included in your hosting plan). The site builder is extremely innovative as it has a gigantic database of free templates. You can easily change things around, edit pages and delete content in just a click. Also, there are multiple blogging options including WordPress and b2evolution.

If you are more advanced with website building, then the essential plan also includes Content Management System plugins for Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, and e107, just to name a few. Installing and setting up a CMS has never been easier and faster.

Setup WordPress Websites in Just 1 Click

During our iPage review process, we found that they offer a 1-click installer feature so you can have your WordPress blog up and running in less than two minutes.

The step-by-step guide is simple to follow and hassle-free.

Whether you’re setting up just one blog, or 50 blogs, you’d find the 1-click WordPress installer a very useful tool to maintain, update and upgrade your WordPress sites.

You Can Sell Products and Take Credit Card Payments Online

You can create an e-commerce site at any time with iPage with the free online store builder. Unlike other hosting plans, iPage allows you to choose from popular Shopping Carts such as ShopSite, osCommerce, and AgoraCart. These Shopping Carts also make it easy for you to integrate PayPal.

A Shopsite Starter plan is free and included in your existing hosting plan. This plan allows you to have up to 15 products and has an easy-to-use setup wizard with lots of great themes to choose from.

You can easily manage your orders in the backend and select shipping and handling options.

Secure Your Website with iPage SiteLock Security

iPage is the first major web host to incorporate The SiteLock Security Suite. You can stop hacking and spamming activities happening on your website using the malware and spam scanning function in the suite. You must be aware that hackers do exist and they do quietly place unwanted kinds of stuff on your website.

iPage SSL

With all of their web hosting accounts, a shared SSL is available. While it may not be as good as a private SSL, it gets the job done while providing you with the opportunity to get a quick start in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. iPage is the perfect stop for anyone using their website to sell online because they go the extra mile when it comes to satisfying all of your needs.

Native English Speaking Support (100% North American) Available 24/7

I hated it when I was with my old host and their SANs kept self-destructing, so my site was going down for days, multiple times. All they did was keep saying the problem is fixed… Then the next day it happened again. This is NOT the kind of support I experienced at iPage.

One can call iPage and get a geeky support person in North America to help me through a solution right away. I rate iPage’s customer support 5/5. That’s amazing for a shared host with so many customers.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in their comprehensive knowledgebase, then you can easily find an iPage support staff via phone, e-mail, or live chat 24/7. I’ve tried the live chat function a couple of times and the longest I had to wait to speak to someone was only 45 seconds.

Most calls get picked up in under 2 minutes and you are helped by a friendly, proactive expert.

In other words, you will never find yourself on your own if you run into an issue or a problem with your site or hosting account.

Free $250 Worth of Marketing Credits

When you subscribe to iPage, a total worth of $250 advertising credits will be given free. That includes $50 Google Adwords Credit, $25 Yahoo! Credits, $50 Facebook Credit, and a listing on However, the free credits are only applicable to new users of the named advertisers. For example, if you are an existing Google Adword user, the credit is not usable.


It is always nice to get some extras when you sign up for a new web hosting account. When you sign up with iPage, they shower with extras for choosing their platform for your hosting needs. You benefit from over $500 worth of extras! Bonuses that are included in new accounts include a free domain name for the first year, a $100 Google Adwords bonus, 1GB of free cloud storage from JustCloud, a $100 advertising credit for Yahoo + Bing, and enhanced security software from Sitelock.

iPage Email with Virus Protection and Spam Filtering

Secure Email Accounts

This is where the iPage email virus scan comes into play. Viruses are sent to email addresses every day to make people vulnerable. Don’t let yourself become a victim, start taking advantage of having email virus protection automatically scan any incoming email for you.

Unlimited Email Accounts

When you choose iPage as your web hosting provider, they provide you with the opportunity to have an email address at your domain name. Rather than using the domain giving to you with free email accounts, which can look unprofessional at times, take advantage of the custom options available with iPage. Many web hosting providers like to limit how many email accounts you are allowed to sell you a more expensive plan when you don’t need it except to have the opportunity to add more email accounts. You don’t have to worry about iPage becoming greedy and costing you more money in the long run since they offer unlimited email addresses.

iPage email is one of the best email hosting services around and it gives you more than enough flexibility to stay on top of your lines of communication with others. Not to mention their web hosting is very high in quality.

iPage Domain Privacy (Private WHOIS)

iPage Domain Privacy can spare you a lot of trouble. One of the biggest threats is spam. Your email address is available in a public database. Sneaky spammers use bots to crawl the databases and harvest email addresses of unsuspecting site owners. Next, your email address is sold or exchanged, and soon you will find hundreds of junk messages flooding your Inbox. Spam is not to be neglected. Protect yourself with iPage Domain Privacy.

Unprotected domain details can cause you even more problems if hackers or fraudsters gain access to it. Just imagine what could happen if a fraudster would hack into your email account and steal precious and sensitive data. Bank accounts, eCommerce logins, personal information… they are all at risk.

In extreme cases, you can even discover that someone stole your identity. Identity theft is a growing concern; it can even get you legal troubles if fraudsters use your identity to commit crimes. The only protection? A domain privacy service, such as the iPage Domain Privacy.

Money-Back Guarantee & Cancellation Policy

iPage offers all customers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their hosting services. If you are unhappy and want to cancel your account, just let them know within the first 30 days of services. They will refund all hosting fees with no questions asked. Add-on services, like domain registration, are non-refundable. Cancellation requests made after the first 30 days of hosting services are not eligible for a refund.

For example, let’s say you sign up for 1 year and after 8 months you’re not completely happy with the service. iPage will refund the remaining 4 months to your credit card.

iPage Backup – Get Daily Website Backups

When it comes to protecting your data, you don’t want to be unprepared. Your data is at risk of being lost every single minute a computer (or server in this case) is turned on. If you don’t have a backup, everything could be lost in the ashes of what used to be your hosting account.

If you want to be safe when it comes to storing your websites, iPage provides a system that’s sure to keep you covered at every angle necessary.

Start with Unlimited FTP Accounts

Unlike a lot of scrupulous hosts who set a limit on how many FTP accounts you can have, iPage provides you with an unlimited number of FTP accounts.  This helps when you want everyone who works on your site to have their FTP account where you choose the access level.

iPage Green Hosting

One thing that we have come to realize is that we have to do everything in our power to help preserve the planet where we live. This means taking advantage of as many opportunities to go green as possible. For those of us who need web hosting, the opportunity to go green lies with iPage green hosting. Finally, one of the best hosts in the world has gone eco-friendly!

iPage purchases renewable energy certificates. These certificates make it easy for companies to fund green energy production by having them purchase the equivalent in wind power to what they used on their energy grid. To minimize their carbon footprint, iPage procures Renewable Energy Certificates to encompass the electricity usage for servers, data centers, and offices. With the combination of 100 percent wind energy usage and the certificates, iPage offsets energy that is comparable to planting 2,390 trees. They also provide users with a green badge to place on their website which can improve business and attract customers.

  • The amount of wind energy that iPage purchases is equivalent to planting over 2,300 acres of trees.
  • Promote your green website when you host with iPage by using one of their green-powered buttons.
  • iPage offsets every bit of its energy usage with wind energy, making a valuable contribution to the environment.


Having a great host for your website is key to your overall success. You will find that iPage is a great solution, no matter whether you are putting together your first website or you are deploying a complex application for the web. The flexibility of their hosting offerings gives you the ability to grow seamlessly.

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