Marketers Should Pay to Play – Why Search Engine Optimization is Not Enough

Many marketers are obsessed with optimizing their websites for free rankings in search engines. However, one search engine expert advises marketers to protect their businesses by not investing in an optimization-only strategy.

The search engine landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales”. Today, many search engines no longer provide free search results. Companies must pay to be listed there. If they don’t pay up, they’re missing the opportunity to reach a lot of consumers.

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Another problem with optimization is the constant battle against search engines and competitors for high rankings. Algorithm-based engines constantly change how they rank web pages. And competitors continuously modify their sites to achieve or maintain rankings. Many companies are now outsourcing optimization to search engine marketing firms or training an in-house team.

It is now an expert against expert for top ten rankings, in a very tight playing space. Optimization is a vital part of a successful search engine marketing strategy, but a lot of companies are relying on it. That’s like walking on a high wire without a net.

For companies that want instant traffic from search engines, I recommend pay-for-placement advertising. Even once-solid rankings are achieved through site optimization, advertising is a complementary campaign.

It is a balancing game for the champions of this sport. When keywords are too pricy to bid on, marketers can lower or drop their bids while they’ve scored free rankings. And for the keyword rankings, they can’t get through optimization, or if they need a traffic jolt, they can pay for placement.

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