Liquid Web Review 2022

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Liquid web hosting is a premium web hosting provider, mainly focused on VPS hosting and the dedicated server market segment.

With over two decades of experience, the Liquid Web team knows what it takes to provide one of the most valuable web hosting experiences in the world.

Liquid Web Storm VPS

This commitment to great customer service has fueled impressive growth for this great web hosting provider. So much growth, that INC magazine has been featuring these folks as one of the fastest-growing companies for the past four years.

That’s what I would like to call providing an experience that also contributes towards the success of the company. It works for the consumer as well as those who work hard to assure that Liquid Web is always going to be one of the best hosts that the internet has ever seen.

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As far as performance is concerned, Liquid Web uses the latest hosting technology to ensure that the speed of their web hosting keeps up with a race car and their reliability is just as solid as the mailman.

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Liquid Web Uptime History

Liquid Web offers only the highest quality services, and they have a VPS plan and a variety of business solutions including email service, database service, media server, and lots more. Most importantly, they have a heroic support team that is extremely smart in helping you solve problems.

Many consumers have shared their positive experiences as well, making Liquid Web one of the most reliable web hosts featured here at

Datacenter Power Systems Overview

Liquid Web power systems feature extensive fault tolerance and resilience at every layer. Incoming service is routed underground to a dedicated on-site transformer. This system routes to transfer switch junction which also connects to power generation facilities.

Liquid web free data migration

Liquid web hosting is now offering free data migration for their new customer. After you signup with liquid web hosting and need help to migrate your website to the Liquidweb server, this free data migration service will be best for you. The support staff will move your data and files from the old server to the liquid web server Free Of Charge FOC.

Liquidweb’s dedicated server plan is fully managed and come with 24/7 heroic support, fast hardware replacement, and they have server monitoring for problems or failure, all working together to ensure your server is running as it should be. Of course, there is multiple choice of dedicated server for you to choose, from budget server range to highest end dedicated server with 32 cores processing server!


You can count on the Liquid Web team to provide you with true 24/7 web hosting support. You can reach them via phone, the online helpdesk, or e-mail. Also, they provide a great resource of web hosting information for those who are wanting to dive in and start learning.

30 Days Money Back

The liquid Web team has complete confidence in the quality of their products and as such offers a full 30 days unconditional money-back guarantee on all shared hosting products.

Love Factor

Liquid Web is one of my favorite hosts personally. I would choose them for any hosting that needs to be online 24/7 while producing amazing load times.

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