What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting (Webhosting) is a service provided by companies that will help you host your web pages so that other internet users can find them on the internet. Webhosting companies will usually provide some ways for us to upload our files to their hosting sites.

If you want to find the best web hosting company on the Internet, then your best bet is to find somebody that has had good results with their web hosting company and use the one they are using. Word-of-mouth is always the best advertising and for good reason. It is easy to go to a company website and read all of their advertisements saying that they are the best, but how do you know for sure? You need to find somebody that has worked with a company and can tell you honestly whether that company is a good host provider for your website.

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It can be quite confusing when you first look at all of the different web hosting companies, and if you are new to it you may not understand all of the terminologies. You may not need to know all the technical aspects of hosting to find the best web hosting company. If you are looking at putting up a simple site or a blog, then you can just decide to go with a reliable web host and get their most basic package.

When it comes to web hosting, there are six main options to choose from: Free, Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, and Collocated. Different websites require different needs- and each need requires a specific amount of investment, time, and money.

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Free Hosting: Free hosting is characterized by the lack of a price tag- but it also has the biggest set of disadvantages. Free hosting is best for personal websites or aspiring webmasters that aren’t quite skilled enough to go to the next level.

Most free hosts put ads on websites their users create- something that is very unsightly, and you aren’t even getting paid for it! Free hosts also do not commonly offer hosting for domain names- meaning the website you create will be part of a domain they own. This means there will be no branding options, which is a key factor in making a recognized website.

There is generally no technical support for free hosts- and response time can be limited in many cases. But you get what you pay for and free hosts don’t cost a thing!

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Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is an interesting concept: get a server, and then sell webspace to multiple people to make the most profit. This allows the web host to cut prices down to a level where anyone can afford them- since users aren’t buying the entire server itself.

Shared hosting allows for your domain name- so branding and freedom of forced ads are nice benefits. Depending on where the hosting is obtained, the support may still be somewhat limited (but better than free hosts on average). Shared hosts also commonly offer administrator interfaces that allow for databases, web statistics, and auto-installers for popular software and scripts.

The best-shared web hosting programs should include:

  1. Free Set-Up
  2. Unlimited domains
  3. Unlimited emails
  4. Unlimited FTP accounts
  5. Free website builder programs
  6. Plenty of email addresses
  7. PHP and MySQL
  8. Fantastico with blog and forum scripts
  9. 24/7 support via chat, phone, and email
  10. Large storage space and bandwidth

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VPS Hosting

VPS is the acronym for a virtual private server, and is one of the newest and highest growth services available. The server is partitioned through software to produce multiple virtual servers. Such a virtual machine is less expensive than a dedicated service and has better performances than the shared services.

Dedicated Hosting

When a website becomes popular, it uses more resources. A shared server can’t handle multiple users demanding large amounts of bandwidth and disk space. There comes a point where the upgrade to the dedicated server is necessary to maintain the successful operation of a website.

Dedicated hosting is much more expensive- and is usually only used by businesses, popular websites, and organizations. They also allow for more freedom- such as hosting for multiple domain names or increased technical support.

Dedicated hosting is just a step under the big dog in web hosting- collocated hosting.

Collocated Hosting

Collocated hosting is what the major websites use. This solution allows a website owner to essentially obtain a server- only have it managed in a separate location. The website owner may buy more resources, servers, and related services with ease as they expand their business.

Collocated hosting provides for protection the everyday user might not be able to provide. Fire, storm, and leak protection are quite common. Security personnel is present to prevent break-ins or vandalism that might otherwise occur. This babysitting of the server comes at a very high cost- so this option is almost always reserved for the big names in the webmaster world.

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Managed hosting

Managed hosting means a dedicated service with full support services included. It is known as a hands-free type of service. Your only worry will have to pay the bills which are not small but you will have all the time somebody from the web hosting company to take care of your resources.

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting represents a great business opportunity because you place your offer in an ever-growing market with customers interested to buy great services at affordable prices and with 6 months to 1-year commitments.

You buy a certain service plan from a hosting provider and resell it with a profit to private persons or companies.

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Knowing your requirements in advance

It is extremely important to evaluate the requirements of the website just before finding the best hosting services. Try obtaining the answer to what kind of site are you wanting to host? The large business websites have various web host criteria and want when compared with the personal little web sites or homepages.

The next factor to look at is the bandwidth. These specifications get bigger extra with all the continuing growth of the internet site. The best web host companies pay money for the bandwidth and the users. It’s much better to pay a price for needed bandwidth in advance than acquiring shock at the payment later on. In the same manner, it is essential to choose the amount of disk space that can obtain by the web host and complete the purchase price upfront.

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Company’s reputation

Check into the company’s reputation before making any type of decision. When it comes to hosting you want to make sure that they are reliable. This will help you decide which company is best for your needs.

Server infrastructure

You should enquire about the server infrastructure of the host you wish to use. Server infrastructure is crucial to the performance of your website.

Operating system and programming tools

One should be aware of the operating system being used by the web host as there is a need for particular operating systems for particular applications. The web host providers must ensure website uploading through secure servers using the latest and updated versions of the operating system.

Amount of Disk Space

Most hosting companies offer the “unlimited” bandwidth option. You can ask customer support to clarify to you exactly how much bandwidth is allocated for your website. Available hard disk space should range from 10 Gigabytes for personal text-based pages to 300 Gigabytes for businesses.

Bandwidth or Transfer limit

When you download things to your computer from the internet, that uses bandwidth. Similarly, when people visit your website they need to download all the images, files, and content. This puts strain on your web hosting provider’s servers, so if you plan to have a lot of big images and files being transferred frequently or a lot of refreshing of your pages (such as a website forum), then you will need more bandwidth.

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Pricing Aspect

Another aspect of finding a web host is the price. Before finalizing any hosting service, one must compare prices and services offered. Some hosts provide better service and hence charge more, whereas, others who might be charging less, would be providing low-quality services. Therefore it is essential to do some research before finalizing any of the providers.

Customer Service and Tech Support

You need to search for a host who would support you 24 hours a day throughout the year. It is necessary to solve the problems of your website immediately.

User Interface

Installing features such as WordPress, email, and editing files in the file manager should not be too hard. Most companies provide Plesk or cPanel to manage accounts. A good host should be able to provide support when you encounter problems.

Online Tools

Every host provides you online tools which you should investigate. You should find all the web building tools available such as tools that are needed for building a store, tools that provide support for blogs and forums, One-Click Install Website Tools, Scripts, and Extras.

DDoS protection

While you are looking for web hosting services it is important to check out whether they have the hardware and software solutions to offer DDoS protection to your websites with 99% uptime to offer the best services to your customers. You should look out for the web hosting service providers who along with the daily backups, unlimited space, advanced firewalls, control panel access also offer additional DDoS-protected VPS hosting or DDoS-protected TCP Proxy for your website hosting requirements.


Reliability, Uptime Rate, and Speed

You need to make sure the host you pick is reliable and fast. Everyone advertises 99.99% uptime, but ask to see a report. When your site is down or slow not only do you lose frustrated visitors, but it will hurt your search engine rankings as well. Google spiders have millions of websites to crawl, and if yours is too slow it will move on to the next site.

Training Materials

Your host should provide you with a variety of training materials that should be easily accessible so that you can navigate easily.

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Email Accounts

The options such as email accounts, statistics of the site, and the domain name should also be properly researched. If your web host has the facility of tracking the number of visitors to the various websites and also can track their locations then it is a good hosting service provider.

Money-Back Guarantee

Read through the disclaimer before opting for the web hosting company. See if it is providing the facility of money-back guarantee and whether there are any hidden costs involved. For this, you can read the reviews that are found on the internet.

Research, Compare, and Signup

Do not let the web hosting companies cheat you, be smart and choose the best one for your website. Many times they claim to offer you a huge number of free stuff like coupons, templates, etc which may not be useful to you. Hence, it is suggested to first do research, then compare, and finally signup with the best provider.

I‘ve been with the best web hosting company for many years, and I highly recommend that anyone use them. They have provided me with excellent service, and have helped me out any time I have needed it.

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