Benefits of Advertising on Yahoo and Bing

Yahoo & Bing Advertising

Running your online business means generating profits from as many income sources as possible. The more streams of income you have, the better you can expand your business and maintain a steady flow of profits. While many online businesses center their advertising on Google, the most popular search engine online today, there are advantages of using their competitors Yahoo and Bing.

While Yahoo has been around for quite some time (it began life as a directory service), Bing is relatively new to the internet scene as a challenger to Google. Still, both of them can offer good alternatives to your pay per click advertising strategies when it comes to diversifying your marketing efforts.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?


Yahoo has many services that you can use to help grow your small business, especially if you use Yahoo as your website platform. The services that Yahoo offers are considerable, though still incomplete if you intend to reach as many people as possible. Yahoo recently acquired “Interclick” a platform similar to Google Adwords that can help shape your marketing strategy.

How to Optimize your PPC Campaign


While still a newcomer, Bing has made definite inroads into the Google market. Bing is still relatively small, but many people use their search engine platform as an alternative to Google. This means you can direct some of your marketing efforts to reach potential customers who have shied away from the larger and more popular Google platform. Bing also offers a PPC service that is cheaper than Google and can reach into demographics that are not using Google’s services.

Advertising on Bing vs Google

You can incorporate both Yahoo and Bing using proven SEO or search engine optimization techniques. SEO involves incorporating keywords and key phrases used by potential customers in queries they type into search engines when looking for products or services that your online business provides. If you have solid, high-quality content on your website that includes these keywords and key phrases, then your website will appear prominently on those results pages.

Generally speaking, SEO is mostly targeted at Google, although you can generate similar results on both Yahoo and Bing even though they use somewhat different methods to compute the results for their search result pages.  The bottom line rests in providing good, strong, and original content for your website.

Finally, incorporating Yahoo and Bing into your overall internet marketing strategy makes sense when you want to reach more customers to your website. There are many people who rarely or never use Google when searching on the web. By incorporating Yahoo and Bing into your marketing strategy, you can reach those customers that otherwise, you might have missed. Plus, Yahoo in particular offers services that can help your small business get started with relatively low hosting costs for your website and services that can help you reach new customers.

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