What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of internet advertising, in which advertisers pay for an advert each time it is clicked upon. Advertisers pick a selection of keywords relevant to their company and when someone searches on one of these key terms their advert has a chance of appearing.

Once your advert is receives a click, you then pay for the advert, hint “Pay Per Click“

A pay per click search engine is one of the fastest ways for a business to obtain new customers. Pay per click advertising offers anyone the ability to advertise their business to millions of potential customers without having to put out a lot of money upfront. The concept of a pay per click search engine is that you don’t pay for anything until someone interested in your products or services click on your advertisement. That way, you will only pay for actual visitors who will be interested in your product. Pay per click advertising is just what it sounds like, you only pay per click from potential customers.

Advertiser Benefits

You only pay for the traffic you receive.

If a user does not click on your link, you don’t pay! So no fraud or cheat like others do.

Directly connect with specific audiences through custom titles and descriptions and also list your site in the keywords matching to your site’s content.

Another of the benefits of Pay Per Click advertising is its flexibility; accounts can be constantly monitored and adjusted to react immediately to the feedback you’ll receive on the success of your campaign.

Effective use of Pay Per Click advertising can do wonders for your company; it will deliver your business and results overnight.

How does Pay Per Click  Work?

Advertisers typically bid for their desired keyword, with more popular keywords understandably costing more. Adverts will typically include a short headline and a couple of lines of text, if a user decides they like your advert and click on it, you pay at the point of click, the user then may subsequently choose to use your services or not.

Pay Per Click is one of the key methods through which the majority of online companies look to gain business and traffic. Google and subsequently Google AdWords is by far the most popular platform for pay per click advertising

The location that the adverts are placed in is clearly very beneficial and optimized, with adverts appearing at the top of search pages they are often the first port of call after a user has entered their search term.

Searchers – Clicks are performed more often than any other type of digital advertising. The main reason why visitors click on the ad is that they would like to be offered products that will answer their questions and fulfill their requirements.

Engines – The search engines are known for being forced into catering to advertisers and searchers simultaneously. For search engines, their customers are the searchers, while the advertisers provide them with their revenue stream. The engines provide the results that are relevant first and foremost, while they offer a highly targeted, income-driving channel for advertising.

Advertisers – The advertisers are presented with a unique way of placing their message in front of a large audience that is actively seeking out a specific product or service.

PPC marketing targets specific keywords that are relevant to the searchers enter into the engines.  The search engines will reward their advertisers that can effectively use keywords to develop intelligently targeted, well-organized PPC campaigns with traffic to their websites, and searchers get exactly what interests them. It’s a win-win for both parties involved.

So it will only make sense that the searchers, the potential customers, will need to be an integral resource when researching keywords for a campaign. If you can shape your PPC advertising efforts which are based on real keyword data of traffic and goal conversions rather than third-party estimates, you are not only going to save money by lowering the amount of irrelevant traffic, but you will also be further ahead than your competition that does not have the capabilities of integrated keyword management.

By using keyword management and understanding how important keyword taxonomy is you can expect to:

Expand Your Base Of Customers – Connect with those individuals that are seeking a product like the one you offer, and provide content that is relevant to what they are searching for.

Lower The Costs – Enjoy those algorithmically generated discounts from the major search engines in exchange for producing relevant content for your customers.

The difficulty is in the execution of the PPC campaign. This information will explain how you can manage your efforts of PPC more efficiently, as well as optimize the relevance of your PPC marketing campaigns.

Maximizing The Efficiency Of Your PPC Marketing

To be able to get the most from your marketing efforts, you will need to follow through with a few of the greatest practices. AdWords management and keyword software will help you to accomplish all the important steps, from researching the keyword to bid management.

• Identify the numerous keywords that are traffic-driving and potential sources of traffic.

• Create groups of closely related keywords.

• Convert the groups of keywords into ad groups.

• Designate the negative keywords.

• Delegate your budget with strategies and bid management.

• Create text that will relate to your group of keywords.

• Create landing pages that are relevant to the text and keywords.

• Master the art of PPC as you repeat this process continuously.

By carrying out these procedures, it will provide you with:

Higher Score of Quality – The above process is the search engine formula that will raise your rate of click-throughs and keyword scores of quality.

Lowered Costs – When you increase your score of quality, your account will show bids of the lower first-page, and you will be able to pay much less for a better position in the sponsored links.

Improved Quality of Traffic – In creating more relevant landing pages and advertisements when you are finding new opportunities for keywords ad carefully constructing the groups, you will not only be lowering your costs, but you are also creating a portfolio that will get better targets with time.

Marketing Success With Management Solutions

SE Ranking will offer you strategic automation when it comes to carrying out your PPC ad management tasks. Their PPC software will allow you to be much more efficient when it comes to growing and constructing campaigns since it was created to perform keyword functions.

Identifying The Keywords For Your Marketing Campaign

Building a list of keywords is very important when it comes to online marketing. Remember you will need to identify the terms that will drive traffic while making sure that these terms are relevant to your website. You may accomplish this with soft tools such as the SE Ranking software or Google Keyword Planner which can administer relevant and extensive keywords.

When you sign yourself up with SE Ranking, your account will be linked with the software and the same goes for the Google Keyword Planner. Both Google Keyword Planner and WordStream will analyze the performance of your keywords, recommending new keywords that are based on the top performers, as well as showing the low performing, costly keywords and help to find solutions that will improve them.

CLickCease – ClickCease will monitor your PPC clicks with advanced machine learning algorithms. Separate real potential customers from fraudsters and bots that want to deplete your budget.

These applications will make it simpler to discover profitable, new long-tail, and broad keyword terms that you may not detect or have knowledge of.

Attaining the correct terms for your site will make it easier for you to expand on your list of keywords, rank higher on search engines, and distinguish yourself from your competitors. This is very functional since:

    More Keywords Mean More Exposure – When you create a large list of keywords, this means that your advertisement will show against more search queries.

    The Impressions Are Relevant – You understand that the impressions will be relevant to your type of business since they are being derived for your website.

    The Traffic Will Improve With Time – Keyword tools are known as a learning, iterative machine. The PPC application will offer the discovery of keywords to streamline and strengthen your existing database of keywords.

Proper grouping of the keywords is important for advertisement success since it provides higher scores, better rates of conversion, and better market segmentation. Also, as mentioned before, search engines encourage related groups.

The great news for online marketers and business owners is that when you provide search engines with what they ask for, you will deliver appropriate advertisements to searchers that want to learn more about your product or service.

Pay Per Click marketing is a fantastic way to get your website on the top of Google within minutes, you simply choose a few selected keywords and within minutes your website can be at the top of the search engines including Google.

Importance of properly managed PPC accounts

A successful PPC campaign is crucial to a business/brand/company’s online status because, in this digital age, analog directories are becoming all the more obsolete, succeeded by online searches.  These digital mediums prove to prescribe the traffic, therefore the business of a brand or a company.

Building and manage a successful PPC campaign is difficult considering the complexities involved, especially for those with no previous experience. For instance, something that our PPC team had to explain to a client a few weeks ago, was that applying broad and exact matches to the same keywords can ensure that a brand or company’s website appears to both a broad audience and their target audience in the appropriate way. This means that the website is presented to the user who types in ‘office desk’ with the appropriate URL link to the site showing a variety of office desks, as well as the user who types in ‘neoclassic wood office desk’, who will be presented with a URL to the site showing a particular neoclassic wood office desk.  It is this kind of knowledge that needs to be applied to PPC strategies, the knowledge that is perhaps not known by those with little experience.

So, to help clients with the complexity of building and managing AdWords accounts we at Top Position offer PPC account management as a business service. This provides small businesses/brands/companies that do not possess the much-needed PPC advertising expertise to reach a global, online audience via PPC.

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