Write Successful Text Ads

Writing Adverts

Writing Adverts

As a pay per click advertiser on the Google AdWords platform, you will undoubtedly know the importance of writing good advert text. But, because Google takes click-through rate and advert relevance into account when determining the position and cost per click, it’s vital to make sure each pay per click advert ticks a number of boxes.

It must be compelling, to attract a good click-through rate (CTR). It should also be relevant to the ad group that it serves to target meaningful traffic and ensure those clicks are not wasted by search users expecting to find something other than the information they are eventually presented with. The advert must also include keywords in the title and text to comply with AdWords quality score guidelines.

Taking all of that into account, your pay per click advert must convince search users that your site can deliver the product or service they are seeking.

1. Take Keywords in To Account

When writing your pay per click advert, you must ensure that keywords from the ad group are included in the title and body text. It’s important to be as specific as possible so include words and phrases directly from the ad group itself. For example, if you sell home contents insurance, the advert title should include that group of keywords in that order. The more specific you are, the more compelled your target demographic will be to click on the ad.

The second reason for including keywords as soon and as often as possible in the PPC ad is to meet with Google quality score guidelines. Including search terms shows Google that your advert and therefore website are relevant to their users’ original query. That helps Google to maintain its search advantage and means you will be rewarded with a good position at a lower cost per click.

2. Test Different Adverts and Product Descriptions

Always write more than one advert per ad group throughout the entire PPC campaign. Each ad group should have a minimum of two adverts, both of which are keyword rich but present the information in a slightly different manner.

Writing Adverts

Try word plays, different marketing messages, special offers, limited edition products, and any other valid points you can include within the advert to attract user eyeballs. You can make your advert really pop at this stage by researching what your competitors are advertising and then using your allotted space to go one better.

3. Select Different Landing Pages

Just because a search user clicks on your PPC ad does not mean they will complete the conversion process and purchase your product or service. To increase the likelihood of money changing hands, think carefully about which page on your web site the advert links to. You can try different landing pages as part of the testing process until you are satisfied that the advert is going through to the most suitable page.

4. Target Your Adverts

Pay per click advertising has made huge advances with a number of different targeting options available. You can elect to show your adverts to specific towns and counties, to specific languages or only in certain countries. Deciding which suits your purposes and purse strings is a process of trial and error. As targeting options are advanced and include a facility to automatically turn the adverts on and off at different times of the day, it could be worth enlisting the help of a specialist to get this right.


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