5 Blog Commenting Tips

Blog Commenting Tips

Tips to Increase Blog Comments

You all must be knowing about Blog Commenting. Earlier, people used to make comments to a blog when they used to like the content posted on that particular blog, but these days, 90% of the people post a comment to other blogs just for the sake of Backlinks.

Now let me tell you about the right way to post comments on another blog. I am sure most of you must be commenting on your commentator’s blog, but before posting a comment there are a few points that you should always keep in mind.

Follow Comment Policy: If you are looking for a backlink, then there is nothing bad in posting a comment on another blog, but one should always keep in mind that he/she should follow the comment policy of that blog.

Do Not Spam: Always post valuable comments, saying “Thanks” isn’t a comment that is to be posted. You won’t get any benefit by spamming, usually, blog editors or the blog administrators do not approve comments that look like spam or don’t have any valuable thought attached.

Use Your Name (not your keyword): I have seen a lot of people who use their keywords in the “Name” column. Usually, people make their blogs to get some fame out of it, if someone uses his keyword, then people might know about his blog but they won’t bother to know about the author.

Blog Commenting Mistakes

Do Not Compete (to be the Top Commentator): I know, Blogging is all about competition, but this doesn’t mean that one should compete everywhere. All the WordPress bloggers must be familiar with the “Top Commentator’s Widget”, I have seen people who post comments to get a Do-Follow Backlink. No one cares that the other blog is getting spoiled because of the comments that are flooded. So, if you want to be a Top Commentator this doesn’t mean that you should post rubbish.

Post at The Right Time: Time plays a very important role everywhere (in blogging too). Before posting a comment, always keep in mind that your last post will be attached to the comment, always be sure that your last post is something interesting so that it might get some clicks winking Blog Commenting Tips.

How To Get A Lot Of Comments On Your Post

If you want to get a lot of comments on your posts, then all you have to do is to:

  1. Make your blog do-follow.
  2. Submit your blog to do follow directories.
  3. Allow users to leave a link back on your site.
  4. Use comment plugins like GraphComment or KommentBox, to keep a record of the visitors who comment on your blog, and to reward them with free link backs, and other stuff.
  5. Leave a comment on other blogs with a link back to yours.
  6. Be friendly with your readers, don’t use your display name as admin (it seems formal).
  7. Write unique content.
  8. Start contests.


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