5 Blogging Tips from the Pros

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Any successful blog needs to have good topics and good content. Many bloggers use their blog as a sort of journal, just sharing thoughts they may have about one thing or another. But for those who want to be a real success, they learn quickly that you can’t always just write about what you want. You’re writing for the readers. You need to keep them interested enough to keep coming back. This means writing fresh and relevant content and updating daily.

Here are 5 Tips:

ASK AROUND – Sometimes when you blog, and you’re posting daily, you hit dry spells where you just can’t come up with any more ideas. It’s sorta like writer’s block. When the well of ideas runs dry, one of the best things to do is to dip into the resource that is ‘other people’s brains’. Ask people what they’re interested in. Get someone to brainstorm with you and bounce ideas off each other. Write down all the things that are mentioned in your conversations. Find out what people feel strongly about.

DO THE RESEARCH – Wise bloggers realize that on the large search sites they can find popular search terms. Knowing how to take advantage of these terms can pull more traffic to their blogs. By monitoring these terms regularly, they can create blog posts that feature these terms. As people online search for these terms, they get directed to their blogs. When you research for hot terms you get a good solid base for your articles, but it’s not always just what you want to write about it.

USE THE NEWS – Watching the news and reading fresh news copy can give you all kinds of good topics for blogging. News teams investigate thoroughly to gather topical information. This makes it easy for you to skip all the hard work, and simply take advantage of the work already done. Of course, you have to change them to a certain degree, but they give you a solid base to work from. Just take the topic of the news stories and put them into your own words and come from your perspective.

FOLLOW OTHER PEOPLE’S LEAD – Go to other popular blogs and see what they’re talking about. Don’t steal their ideas, but get a general topical subject to do your writing and research about. By seeing what kind of topics are getting a good response for other blogs, you can expand on that topic and get some good responses on your own.


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