How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

The reason why so many bloggers are not making any money online at all is that they are not targeting the right keywords. Thousands of bloggers are writing about how to make money online, loans, mortgages, and other niches that have so much competition that they will not make serious money online. So what are they doing wrong? This article will explain the basics of how to choose keywords for your website and article writing.

Nobody exactly knows how the Google algorithm works, besides the people working for Google. However, many experienced Internet Marketers found ways how they could target their niches the best way. One of these important ways is your main keyword or topic you want to write about. You should always try to write quality content that has some use for the people who are looking for it, but you also want to target your content so that they can find you.

If you are writing about Killer Sharks then which article has the most chance to get on page 1 of Google, ‘Killer sharks in the wild’ or ‘How deadly are sharks that kill’? You should always keep in mind the phrase people will use to come to your website. If I want to know something about Killer sharks then I would use that phrase in Google and not the second one. Both are titles for the same topic but the first one has the most chance to attract visitors.

“Thinking is the hardest work there is. Which is the probable reason why so few engage in it.” – Henry Ford

This example works for just every niche on the Internet. When I write articles for my websites than I always target a certain keyword that I found in the Google Keyword Planner. This is a great free tool from Google that every Internet Marketer should use.

Targeting exact keywords is not the only thing you need to do to get the most out of your articles. Most people that blog have smaller websites and they will never rank for the high-paying short keywords like sharks, make money, and so on. However, targeting long-tail keywords that have not much competition is a great way to get some traffic from those high-paying niches. To summarize, you want to target exact keywords that people use in Google and have no competition. In this way, you can attract visitors to your website without having a strong Domain Authority. Now you know how to choose keywords it is time to give it a try and see how you can increase visitors coming to your website.

1) Go to Amazon and look for some products and product categories. Just write them down and fill them in the Keyword Tool. The good thing about this tool is that it will find you related keywords but also it gives results of keywords that are of a similar topic. For instance, when you are looking for alcohol addiction, it will also give results about cocaine addiction, etc. If you fill in new words in the tool this will help you a lot.

2) Ezines directory is another great way to find keywords. Most articles written here are for promoting websites. You could have a look at some articles and see what they are about or you could fill in some categories in the keyword tool. This will probably give you a lot of results.

3) The way I do it is the following: I have a website about widgets and already have some categories like red widgets, green, blue, etc. Every time I need new keywords I will choose one category and use it in the tool. In this way, I will get related keywords to my category.

4) Watch commercials you see on television about certain products and fill these in the tool. You could also use commercials you see on billboards. Put everything you come up with in the tool and see what it spits out.

These keywords tips are some excellent ways to find some inspiration.

How to find Related Keywords

Maybe you noticed that when you were pasting some keywords in the Google Keyword Planner that sometimes related keywords showed up. You probably did not mention too much attention to it as you were only looking to profitable keywords and not the related keywords were only a few people are looking for. However, when it comes to the writing of the article these related keywords are very important. If you add 5 related keywords to every article you write, you will give a boost to the potential earnings. Sometimes it is even easier to rank for these keywords than for the main one. So how does it works?

1) If you did your work well you probably have a list of about 100 keywords. You checked them for competition and they all passed the criteria. The next step is pasting your keyword back into Google’s Keyword Planner and see what related keywords show up. Write these down in your excel sheet as you will need them later on.

2) When you start writing about your keyword, try to also write about the related keywords you found in the Google Tool. They are great as a synonym for not overusing your main keyword.

3) Every article has tags and tags are important for Google as you are letting know where the article is about. You will optimize your article for Google by using the related keywords as tags.

4) The final step is backlinking. Do not just use one anchor text but use all variations you wrote down; the main keyword and the related ones.

In this simple but effective way, you can get the most out of your articles. It is a great way in making more money with the same article and it will only cost you a little more time.

How to Find Profitable keywords for a niche site

First, let me explain what I mean by Profitable keywords and why it is so important to research your keywords. A keyword is the main topic of a website or article. It is the main thing you are writing about and the word you want people to find your website with when they search in Google or other search engines. The main keyword for this website for instance is how to make money online for beginners. A profitable keyword is the main keyword that has the potential to make money. This is not just a matter of how much you will earn when someone would click your ads, it is about how many visitors are you able to attract to your website with that word and how much money could you make with it.

The most important thing to consider when you are researching new keywords is how much competition there is out there. You want to fight the small fish and not bother any sharks because then you will get eaten and don’t earn anything at all. So it is important to find a keyword that has the potential to make you money and does not has too much competition. The big question of course would be how are we going to do that?

Everybody has his or her own rules when it comes to researching keywords. This is not a solid scientific way but it works out for me so maybe it will also work for you. Generally, there are 2 ways of how you could find new keywords. The first has a cut offline when it comes to potential, you want to find as many keywords with the help of the Google keyword tool and all put them in an excel sheet. With many I truly mean many, try to get hundreds or thousands of keywords that you will analyze later on. After you did this, you will make use of the cut off line. All words that do not have the potential to make more than $50 a month go right to the garbage can. For the others, we have to do some research on how much competition they have. Do a search in Google for the word and see what comes up. Some nice tools will help you analyze how strong a website is. Try to target websites that have a Domain Authority of 50 and below. These are the ones you have a chance of beating them if you do a lot of linking.

The second method is a lot like the first one but there is no cutoff line. You will try to target profitable keywords that have almost no competition at all and only have a potential of some bucks a month. The good thing with the second method is that it is much easier to rank for these keywords. When you got some authority for the lower keywords you could eventually go for method 1 and only target the more profitable keywords.

This is not a matter of trying this out a few times, you need to know what works and what does not. Write some articles every day and see what sticks. Try at least a few hundred (yes a few hundred) to get the hang of it.

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