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With more and more people having access to the internet these days, the whole economy is changing as far as the way people are interacting with each other, both on a social and personal level and also a commercial and business level.  The opportunities to reach a mass audience have grown beyond the local newspaper or phone book to potentially people right around the globe in hundreds of countries.

With the rise of the internet and the marketing and business opportunities available, more and more people are realizing their dream of making money online.  How are they doing this?  Well, people who have previously had some desire to create wealth passively or actively are using the tools available to sell their product or service in ways never before possible.

The main tool that is available of course is Google.  This search engine is the core behind many people’s success.  with such a stronghold and significant brand across the globe, whenever we want to find something we want, we log onto Google and search for it.  And if you don’t rank in Google, then you don’t get your business.  Simple as that. The trick is, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

More and more people today are hearing about success stories of people who have made it big on the internet.  This might be from the local neighborhood mum who was working from home part-time while looking after the kids.  Perhaps she started a recipe blog for her favorite recipes, and within a few months noticed her traffic was spiking with regular readers and commentators and next thing you know, she is selling a book or teaching classes.  This is still happening all the time.  People are making it big by just doing what they love and are great at.

Making Money Online

What are you good at?  If you were to start a site online to make money from it, what would you rank as your best credentials or skill set, or knowledge base?  Some people have made money online by simply providing free information to people.  If it’s an area that a lot of people are interested in then it’s relatively straightforward to build a following and usually, people put some advertising on their site to support the cost of running it.  With enough people viewing one’s site, it is possible to make a small income from running Google AdSense or some of the other advertising options, such as selling ads to local businesses.

Generally, you need at least 100,000 visitors per month if you want to make money from Google Adsense, and this might take one, two, or even more years to get to this point. The only real way you build this type of following is to simply provide valuable content. It’s amazing how things can take off once people see that you are providing real value and information that is useful to them.

Remember also that if you want to make your hobby into a part-time income and make money from it, then you will need to do something different from everyone else on the internet. While this is hard work, it is worth it in the long term if you stick with it. You might work on your site for a couple of years before it makes you any money but once your generating traffic it will be much easier to increase the level of readers and also you have the option to provide other services, such as recommendations of products or charge more for your advertising.

But, back on track to the title of this post, what is all the fuss about making money online. Well, let’s put it simply. While it can take some really hard work, lots of patience, and a bit of creative energy to get something started, once you are making money online it can keep going for as long as you manage it or want to. For example, this site, when I first started it, it took at least 6 months before I made any money from Google AdSense, but each month the number of visitors increases and so, therefore, does the income. This is only ever continuing to increase as I add more content, more value, and build relationships with my readers. Some of my oldest posts that have been up for over 12 months are the ones that generate me the most hits from Google, so it’s amazing how something that I produced so long ago, is now starting to provide income. That’s why it’s important not to give up. Continue creating content. When you produce something that is worth reading and posts it onto the internet, it might not be found for several months or even years. But eventually, someone will discover it, and assuming it is worth reading, will pass it onto someone else who may benefit, and before you know it your little site will be making you money online.

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