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The internet has been around for quite some time, and just like everything else, it has grown into a complex instrument that needs experts so that it can be used and exploited properly.  In the past, it was a rather simple task of just putting up a website or blog, and that was good enough to get a few hits.  Nowadays though, due to the number of vendors who use the internet as a marketing tool to offer the same service, putting up a website is just not enough.  You have to fight and drive off your competitors to earn a space in search engine rankings, and getting the top spot just MIGHT get you a few hits.

Of course, this development in complexity had not gone unnoticed.  As soon as people started seeing the difficulty that came with trying to earn a few hits they saw the opportunity to earn a bit more.  Many studies were made about the internet and how it works, companies claiming to know how to beat search engines sprung to life, and tools to help boost an online business presence were created and then sold.  Once again, because of the competition in this side of the market, people started getting confused as to which tool to use and which marketing strategy to employ.  All this information is just good enough to make a newcomer to the business raise his hands and go back to running conventional stores.

It does not have to be confusing all the time though.  Just like any healthy competition, companies that offer website marketing tools are doing their best to offer the best and easiest marketing services to online businesses who wish to have an edge over other websites in their niche.  This competition can vary from pricing per program to the ease of tool use and scope of service.  In the various fields of competition, there is one website that does stand out among the rest: RavenTools.

A Quick History

RavenTools started from very humble beginnings about a decade ago.  It first came out as a business named “Sitening” that mainly concentrated on SEO for internet marketing.  Going with the tide, it started developing its SEO tools in 2006 and then expanded its horizons just a year later.  In October of 2007, it launched a beta that included tools to analyze backlinks and their effectiveness in promoting a website.  Over the years the company kept improving its arsenal of internet marketing tools until it became what it is today: a website with tools to compile data, analyze and improve the performance of an internet marketing campaign in the areas of SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and PPC.

SEO Offerings

Search Engine Optimization is a complex and ever-changing field of expertise where the people who matter (these are the masters of the search engines, really) do not say much about the algorithms they use except for the statement “we design it to come up with the most relevant results for our customers.”  SEO is usually a race as to who catches up with the search engine algorithm first.  RavenTools will help you set up your website for success and monitor the same through the following tools:

  • Research Central – this is a research resource that provides feedback on the domain authority as well as keyword research.  Through the use of Moz, Majestic SEO, and some internal tools, research central can give you an idea as to how your URL performs a thorough analysis of backlinks, the design of the site as well as its performance with other websites/referrals.  You can also compare the performance of up to five URLs to see how you are faring against the competition.
  • What most people love about the research center is the “Quality Analyzer” which rates your website from 1 to 100 based on multiple metrics.  All these metrics are customizable, and you would be the one to determine which metric is to be used and to what degree it should affect the overall score.
  • Keyword Ranking – Most SEO folks are focused on keywords and how a website ranks in terms of performance.  RavenTools knows how important this is as well, and so they have incorporated reports that would show how your website is faring in terms of keywords as well as keyword groups.  To provide accurate information, they pull data from both Google and Bing and show you how you are faring and even give you a historical graph that would show your rises and dips in the world of keyword rankings.
  • Link building – a product of the increasing complexity of search engine algorithms, link building has become a game that SEO experts play with.  Some prefer to keep track of their links by keeping spreadsheets and monitoring them every once in a while.  Once signed up to RavenTools, you can pull all important data instantly, such as the number of external links you have and the increase or decrease in the number of backlinks.  The tool enables you to go back to broken links to see how they can be repaired, and it could also allow you to store content for future link building.  Reports are fully customizable, so you can either track your own site’s performance or your client’s. You can produce almost any report they want to verify the performance of their website.

Social Media Tools

  • Most people use social media as a means to communicate and just check up on how friends and family are doing.  However, this is not the reason why it exists.  Social media was made for one purpose: to generate income through advertising.  However, this is not the only thing it can do, as now people can monitor social media channels for opinions, and then target their network accordingly.  With RavenTools, one can:
  • Create a “Social Monitor” – so you have a business and you want to make yourself known in the field of technology.  You can program keywords that can be used as triggers, and your dashboard monitor will pull from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks, anything that deals with your keywords.  You can monitor that specific keyword stream, create policies based on the opinions you read, even reply to certain statements to make yourself known and establish yourself as an expert in a particular field.
  • Monitor Events – if you wish to establish yourself as an expert in a certain field, you would need to be present during the key events that are concerned with your niche.  RavenTools will provide you with an event manager that could be used to search for specific events that deal with your desired topic, and then notify you of these events so that you or a client can make an appearance.
  • Create Relationships – networks, and relationships are important, even if they are in a virtual world.  When people in related businesses interact, they can form links that bounce back and forth between websites.  Clients can also be given recommendations so that both can be a source of extra business to each other.  If a potential relationship is found online, then the CRM can store information and hold alerts so that you will be always reminded to keep a partner up to date regarding a project or to just let him/her know that you still exist and can still offer help and receive business.

Content Marketing Tools

Keeping an updated website is important for many reasons.  It shows your frequent visitors that you are still in the game and that you are very much up to date with information regarding your chosen field. It also tells the spiders of search engines that your website is alive and is continuously being updated, so it is still worthy of a top spot of their search engine results.  To help you with the tedious task of maintaining your website with content that people would want to read and share, you would get the following tools from RavenTools:

  • Content Manager – this tool is a real manager in every aspect.  It would take a look at your website and then indicate the ideal keyword density that you should use when preparing content for your website.  Once you have the text that you want to upload, the manager will scour it and score it for the said targets, and give feedback regarding its readability (you will set the metrics as to how the readability is scored).  Then it would interact with the blog manager to have the same content posted on your site.
  • “Textbroker” – content is a huge portion of a website, and this means that writing it can be very time-consuming.  With this particular tool, you can order text for your website.  You can specify word count, keywords, keyword density, and deadline so that you would have your content ready without having to worry.  If you get the content earlier than requested, you can be alerted through the messaging tool that is also on RavenTools.
  • Google Analytics – of course, you can have all the content in the world but still not have a functioning website.  With Google Analytics, you can review how effective the website is and see how it is faring out in terms of performance, keywords as well as conversion rates.  This is fully customizable, and can be used on any other campaign as well, not just in content creation.

PPC Management

Of course, it all boils down to this: pay per click, or revenue generation.  People need to know how conversion rates are, and how much money the website is earning.  If you have a well designed monetized website with high quality circulated content, you will not just generate sales but it will also generate passive income when your visitors browse the site and see another interesting advertisement displayed on your webpages; once they click, cha-ching, that’s some extra money in your pocket!!!

When it comes to PPC, there is no better place to get information as compared to Google Adwords.  This is why Raventools has partnered with the company to generate all the reports needed to check up on a website’s performance.  Of the tools taken from Google, there are:

  • Google AdWords Manager – from this tool you can launch certain PPC campaigns and monitor the performance.  It does not just manage a single campaign, but it keeps tabs on all Adwords campaigns that you hold.  It is a lot of data to go through, but RavenTools has also made it easy for you to crunch through the numbers and compare performance with historical data so that you can see if the changes you have made have improved the site’s performance or not.
  • Google AdWords Insights – not all campaigns launched do well, and that could be because of poor keyword choice or some other item that you may have failed to consider.  Searching through all the data to find the one thing that would make a difference could be very taxing.  That is why Google AdWords Insights was created.  This tool will provide the searches that triggered the appearance of certain ads, and it will even analyze costs and other pay-per-click stats that might take hours to manually crunch.  It will also flag pages on your site that seem to be lagging a little bit, which could cause customers to leave the page.  All this could help you improve your AdWords campaign.

The listed tools above are just some of the helpful reports and applications that has to offer all those who decide to enlist their help in analyzing their website.  All of these come in a single package, so if you have a team of people who want to help you out or you just have the website on your own, you can manage all the campaigns in one go.  Most businesses fail because there is no consistent performance monitoring.  With RavenTools, you get the monitoring done quickly, and there are even other tools to effectively change your campaigns so that failing plans can be rectified immediately.

With the right tools, you get the job done right.  When it comes to internet marketing, RavenTools will give you the proper tools for the job.  All you need to do is get it done.

What internet marketing tool do you use to manage your online activities?

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