5 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you want to succeed in any online endeavor, especially an e-commerce type website, or blog, you need to generate a high amount of traffic to your website regularly. This traffic also needs to be free, otherwise, you will go broke very quickly in paying for advertising and you will never make money online. So the question is how can I generate traffic to my website. Below I will try to provide some guidance to achieve this.

I have 5 of my best tips for generating traffic to your website.

1. Content

The main reason that people will look at your website is to read what you have to say. Content is crucial. If you don’t have valuable or meaningful content then you’re site will suffer and no matter what you do, your levels of traffic will always below.

You need to make sure that what you are writing and providing on your site can be useful to your readers. Ask yourself, if I was a reader, would I want to read this? Would I find this information useful?

It is always a good idea to stop and think about what you are writing on your site before you publish it. Remember it will be potentially going to millions of people. Do you want those people to waste their time on your site, or to go away with something useful. If you can provide useful information then there is a greater chance that these same people will want to return to your website as well. This is important as if you have loyal readers then half of the work is done.

With valuable content on your site, your readers will appreciate you more and will notice the effort you put into your posts and articles. This will also lead them to refer others to your site so that you will become a talking point away from the computer.

Some people go for quantity rather than quality when it comes to posting on blogs and websites. This is often a myth that the more content you have the more traffic you will generate. The flaw is that even if you have a great number of posts and articles unless they are meaningful and useful, even the search engines will overlook them. It would be better to write one article a week that is excellent content than writing a short one each day that is only a filler for your site.

In conclusion to tip number 1, remember that if you have nothing worth saying and that will provide a genuine value to others then you probably shouldn’t bother posting it. I would encourage you to concentrate on writing the best content you can each time you sit down to write your next post. Re-read it and make sure that you are proud to post it on your site. Remember, Content, Content, Content!

2. Original Content

People are looking for something new and the latest information. It is important to remember this when you write and post on your site. The whole purpose of creating a high traffic website is to reach out to the masses. If you are merely linking to other sites or other articles then you will never achieve your goals for traffic as there is nothing new there. Especially if 100s of people have already said the same thing before you. Keep it new and original.

You need to speak from your own experiences and opinion. If people like what you say, then it is most likely that they will read some of your other posts. The longer people stay on your site, the more likely they will be repeat visitors. When they know that you are speaking from your own experiences and enjoy it, they will want to read your other work. This is where your high traffic plan works as the more people that come back to your site, the higher your traffic will be each month.

Original content will also rank much better in search engines over the long term as it will always appeal to people as it is unique and stands out. You want to create content that will stand the test of time, which leads us onto the 3rd tip.

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

3. Everlasting Content

Why should you post content that will only be valid for the next week, month, or year? You want information on your site that will be useful for many years to come. A lot of successful bloggers comment that often the articles that generate the most traffic are those in their archives that they wrote 2 years ago. The longer the content is on the internet the better it is linked to and ranked in Google etc, but in conjunction with the above 2 points, if it is valuable and original, it will be useful for many years to come.

It can be hard to generate high amounts of traffic early on, sometimes it may take a few months or more to build up your subscribers list and rankings in search engines, but if you plan on leaving that information up on the web, then who knows how many people will read it over the years to follow.

These tips of course are timeless, as they will always apply and be relevant to generating traffic. While other methods come and go as the search algorithms and other technologies change, as long as you are providing something useful, people will want to read it.

This principle can also be applied to online and offline businesses. If you want to have a successful brand, shop, product, etc, then you can’t just plan for something to be appealing for a short time. You want people to buy it for years to come. Think of the likes of Coca-Cola. How often do they change the flavor? It is consistent and will be around forever because the original plan was to create a product that would stand the test of time. You should also try to do this with your online website or business.

4. How to structure your writing for traffic

As mentioned above in the previous tip, if you create everlasting content then you will do much better with traffic, the same applies to how you structure your writing. Many people say that there are methods to how you add your titles, keywords, etc in your article. In some ways this is correct, with the correct placement you will generate traffic from the search engines that pick you up. However, this is not always the best approach. The reason is that computers are not the only ones reading your posts. Humans are. Humans are your target audience and as such, you should write for them. The search engines will still pick you up, so write how you believe your readers want to see your work.

If you structure your writing for real people, then they will, in turn, generate the traffic for you as they link to your articles from their blogs, or they might add your post to a social bookmarking site or email your post to a friend.

This approach is also important as, over the years that I have been writing for various blogs, I have to keep changing how I structure the posts as they have always been with the approach that Google needs to be able to pick it up. Technology changes so fast that if your posts are written for today’s methods then how accessible will they be when tomorrow’s methods are in place?

Ultimately, if you provide valuable content, then the traffic will come to you.

5. Define your goals for a high-traffic web site and know why you want traffic

Before you start with your traffic generation strategies, it is important to know whey you want traffic to your site. Why should people read your site? Do you want traffic to sell your product, or to simply help people with your content? Maybe you want high traffic so that you can generate some income from your Google Adsense ads.

In some cases, you need high traffic to sell your product. As you know, I am involved in the Carbon Copy Pro marketing system. The success of this system and investment is the ability to generate a large amount of traffic. If I don’t follow the above steps, then how can I generate an income from that site?

So my goal is to build a high traffic website that will rank in search engines, will provide people with genuine content, so even if they don’t choose to purchase my product, at least I was able to provide them with something of real value and they can go away with that. I want to generate high traffic so that I can earn the income that I need to live the lifestyle I desire.

To be honest with you, if you are planning on making money from your blog, then unless you have the traffic you will never succeed. This is because most methods of income generation online relate to traffic. Whether it beads or selling a product, without people reading it and seeing it, it is near to impossible to make any real money.

At the end of the day, I’m happy as long as people are finding what I write useful and they can get some benefit out of it. Everyone wants their work to be read and enjoyed, otherwise, this article will just sit on some computer in a data center with no reason for its existence.


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