Starting Your First Blog

How To Start a Blog

There’s no doubt that blogging is one of the absolute best ways for getting your message out there. Using keyword-rich content can bring you loads of traffic, and plenty of business. Once you have traffic and get ranked, you’re in the business of blogging. Here are a few tips for starting your first blog.

You have a lot of options open for you. One option for getting started quickly is to use a ‘standalone’ service such as WordPress or Blogger. These are both highly customizable tools that can support whatever needs you to have in the way of blogging. The only bad part is that you can’t use your site’s domain name for your blog. If you create a blogger blog, for instance, you’re addressing would be ‘name’ You can link to it from your website, but the search engines won’t know to give you any ‘credit’ as far as page ranking goes. But you can still get good use out of it by cross-linking and increasing your exposure.

One of the biggest attractions of these two services is how easy they are to use. They contain advanced functionality with very simple interfaces so practically anyone can use them. You don’t have to worry about learning any code, and you can post to your blog just like writing into a Word document. Your blog can look high-tech without you knowing a thing about HTML or coding.

At those times when you’re offline, WordPress can import posts. This means you can put your blog together while you’re online, and then later on import it. If you happen to be using another blogging service, then you can import the posts directly into your WordPress or Blogger service.

Another cool feature of these services is the ‘widgets’. And the themes are cool too. The themes enable you to quickly have beautiful designs for your blog, that look very professional and give your blog the ‘feel’ you’re looking for. The interface is mostly ‘drag and drop’, so anyone can utilize these great features.

Yet another option for you is to be able to use blogging software and integrate it into your main site. There are hosting companies like ‘GoDaddy’ that let you use the domain name of your existing site for your blog. Now your content for your blog becomes a part of your main site, and the search engines count it that way. You may have to pay a monthly fee, but it can be worth it.

Google, on the other hand, allows you to publish to an FTP site, meaning you can blog from your domain as well. It’s not hard to pull off, and can result in your having a customized template with easy posting abilities within your domain.

As you get better at blogging and advance in your knowledge and expertise, you may want to consider some blogging software that’s directly integrated into your main website. One of these types of software is Elementor PRO. And if you don’t know what that means, then you’re not ready to try it.

I hope these insights into a couple of options available for bloggers will help to steer you in the right direction for a very successful blogging experience.


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