What Type of Blogger Are You?

What kind of blogger are you?

Earlier, old people used to make blogs to earn some money from them, but nowadays, youngsters are passionate about blogging, and they love to write articles about their interests.

If it comes to blogging, there are a thousand types of bloggers, every blogger is different as compared to the other one in some or other way, but I have classified them into 5 types.

Noob Bloggers: Noob Bloggers are the ones who know what blogging is but are new to the game of blogging, they usually want to earn something online, or they make blogs for gaining fame among their school/college friends. Most of the time, they don’t know what to write and tries to rewrite articles written on other blogs of the same niche.

Lazy Bloggers: Lazy Bloggers are the ones who know about blogging, but are either very busy with other things or are too lazy to update their blogs. E.g. there’s a lazy blogger named “a”, he knows a topic which is searched a lot these days or a hot topic which is in the news, he can write about that, but he will think like “I’ll publish this tomorrow” and when tomorrow comes then he will again think like that. At last, the topic will not be hot anymore and would have been published on hundreds of blogs. Usually, these bloggers make a blog or two, add a few articles and later they just quit and sell out their blogs.

Copy Cat Bloggers: Sometimes the Noob Bloggers and the Lazy Bloggers are tired of being noobs and lazy, and they start hating to see their blogs with old content, so they start copying. The rest of the time, some bloggers don’t know what to write or how to write, so they just prefer copying content from other blogs. So, in scientific terms, Copy Cat Bloggers are a combination of a noob and lazy bloggers who follow the process of copying content.

Passionate Bloggers: Passionate Bloggers are the ones who have a passion for blogging and/or writing. They just love to write, or they just love to share knowledge with others to get some kind of name over the internet. They usually have high goals, and they work hard to achieve their targets in time. Furthermore, they might post less in quantity, but they try to post high-quality articles. Passionate Bloggers love to write whatever comes to their mind. These bloggers later turn into Professional Bloggers. These bloggers usually like to learn more, they try out almost every new thing/technique/strategy which they find over the internet. They also like to compete with others.

Professional Bloggers: What should I say about them? They are like the Whales in the Ocean or maybe like the African Elephants in the forest (not physically, lol). Professional bloggers are the ones who keep writing, writing, and writing. They do have a lot of knowledge, but the thing which makes them special is a marketing mind. They know a lot about business-related stuff, so that helps them in growing. Like others, even they struggle a lot in the beginning and even they face a lot of problems every day, but unlike others, they don’t care about the problems, the only thing that they care about is the solution.

Here’s a small tip for bloggers:

Just don’t lose hope, keep working hard, and keep fighting, you will surely be added to one or the other top blogger’s list. Big grin

If you ask me the question, What type of blogger are you? I would say, “Lazy Blogger” was my past, “Passionate Blogger” is my present, (I am not sure if you guys think the same or not), and “Professional Blogger” is going to be my future (not sure though).

What kind of blogger are you? What do you think?


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