How Social Media Can Impact Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media’s Role

The US’s internet population is the most prolific user of social media resources in the world. We regularly blog, bookmark, seed, and read millions of news stories every day. Not only that, we’re increasingly using the internet as a space to have our say. We’re asking strangers for their take on products and services that we wish to purchase. And we’re giving our opinions on products we use and buy.

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More than half of US businesses surveyed in 2020 believed that social media posed interesting opportunities.

Social Media and SEO

Rather than trust a real shop assistant or call the manufacturer directly, forums and networking sites are used for peer review. Which is the best hotel to stay at? Who sells the softest towels? Will this makeup suit my skin? Does this company deliver its merchandise on time? All of these questions and many more are not left to chance but left to internet users.

As a company with an online identity, that means you must positively use the power of social networking to win favor with your client demographic and push up search engine rankings.

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Why include social media with your SEO?

A blog, a forum, a Facebook group, or a Twitter feed all provide your clients with an informal space for discussion, to actively promote your greatest selling points and leave your customers feeling that you listen to what they have to say. Engagement, influence, awareness, and brand recall can all be shared via social media when correctly utilized. Having pioneered the use of social media in online PR and organic search campaigns, we understand exactly what it takes to squeeze all of these benefits and more of a social media presence.

By building brand awareness and promoting brand exposure at a grassroots level and combining with other organic search techniques, our service puts your brand name at the tip of your client’s fingertips.

Social media developers should also keep track of all social media activity associated not only with your brand but with those of your competitors, monitoring social media mentions and marketing activities to gain an insight into how rivals communicate and promote to their customers.

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How will social media marketing benefit my organic search campaign?

It’s difficult to imagine any organic search campaign succeeding without the help of at least a select few social media elements. Social media marketing is now a crucial part of organic search.

Most link building campaigns will rely on social media marketing – social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and the like have a high Domain Authority and when developed organically are an excellent source of relevant referrals with optimized anchor text and appropriate landing pages under the control of the account holder.

While web 2.0 properties give a tight line of control over most aspects of the link building process, they are also very useful for increasing overall online presence and can be a quick route onto the search engine results pages (SERPS) for sites still struggling to achieve visible listings for primary keywords.

As mentioned above, social media is also a fantastic opportunity to communicate and engage with influencers and decision-makers, turning social media fans into brand advocates.

Directing targeted traffic to your site and increasing your relevant link backs, click here to learn how social media can form an integral part of your SEO process.

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