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How to Launch a Successful PPC Campaign

As the digital era progresses, much local business is focusing their marketing efforts on the web. Every business wants the sales and higher revenues that targeted traffic can provide for them. Anyone serious about competing online eventually turns to Google AdWords for paid advertising in the form of PPC. However, success is not always guaranteed. Many businesses struggle with poor PPC marketing and just give up after a few months, or keep throwing money away on advertising that doesn’t convert well and could have provided them with much higher returns.

When you are creating a PPC campaign for a local business, the principles involved are very different from setting up a PPC campaign for an e-commerce or a global website. You must know exactly who your target audience is and what action you would like them to take. Would you like them to order your products, come visit your shop? Or perhaps book an appointment for your service? There are so many small things to consider that many people feel lost when trying to manage their PPC accounts.

The next step is to select the keywords and key phrases your campaign will be targeting. Spend time on this research, as this will determine the success of your campaign. Once you have chosen which search queries your ad should be displayed in, it’s time to design an appealing ad copy. Be creative with your ad text and make it as attractive to the visitor as possible. Your goal is to get them interested and, once on your site, take action. Dedicate different landing pages for different keywords – this way your visitor will land on a specific page that addresses his exact need, increasing the chances that he will stick around to browse your content and potentially buy from you.

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Remember, there is more to internet marketing than just PPC campaigns. There is also search engine optimization, link-building, banner ads, article marketing, social media, website directory listings, email and newsletter campaigns, etc. Each business will have a natural tendency towards one or more of these options, although PPC is universal and can suit virtually any business. Try to combine your pay per click campaigns with other valuable online marketing strategies to increase your traffic and sales. If you are a local business targeting the local population, try to enlist other local sites to your aid by placing advertisement banners, links and sending out common newsletters with your website.

Finally, you must track and evaluate your online marketing and PPC campaigns. Most PPC campaigns should be given at least a few weeks to produce results. If the campaign is not driving enough traffic, or you feel the budget is not being justified, wait at least a month to see whether the situation changes. If there are still no results, try optimizing your campaign by employing a PPC professional or an online marketing agency. Other forms of online marketing also take a few weeks to yield, with SEO takes up to 3 months to produce desirable results. Be sure to monitor your marketing campaigns and with time you will learn to distinguish success from failure fairly quickly.

35 Reasons to Try Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click and Social Media Marketing

Even though at first pay per click and social media marketing may seem like very different online marketing strategies, they have a lot in common. Most importantly, they both can deliver incredible results for your website. You can get the most out of these marketing techniques by combining them and making them work together to boost your traffic and sales. This can be done by, for example, doing PPC advertising on a social networking platform, but you can also use free tools available to benefit from social media.

How to Optimize your PPC Campaign

It is no secret that Facebook has become the leading social network on the planet, with over 2.8 billion active members visiting the platform every day: updating their status, uploading pictures, and connecting with their friends and colleagues. However, there are many other social media platforms, from Twitter to Tumblr and beyond. Social media is ideal for online marketing purposes because it offers amazing viral marketing possibilities, spreading your message from one user to others ad infinitum. Viral marketing is the key to a successful marketing campaign online and can deliver incredible results for your business. The principle is very similar to that of a live virus – the message spreads from one person to another, who then spreads it to others, creating a rapidly expanding network. It has enormous potential and can reach large amounts of people who may be interested in what you’ve got to offer. So instead of spreading disease, you are spreading information – the result is more customers for your business and thus more money in your account. Think about it – the users are driving your traffic, helping you boost sales free. And they are happy to do it!

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Now, unlike using viral marketing in a social network, pay per click advertising will cost you money. This can be an advantage or a great hindrance, depending on what kind of market you are in. If you are in a highly competitive niche and are just starting with your internet marketing campaign, PPC may not be your best bet. You will end up paying through the nose for clicks just to keep afloat and not drown in all the competition. However, if you are a local business, PPC will help you dominate the area and make sure that every potential client looking for the products or services you provide will be able to find you. It is straightforward and simple, as there is not much competition and the cost per click is usually much lower.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

When it comes to PPC, there is no beating Google. As the market-leading search engine, Google will ensure that your ads will be seen by the vast majority of people looking for your products. It provides you with a really good value for money, as the traffic Google ads will send you is highly targeted and so much more likely to buy your products or sign up for your services. PPC is based on targeting users who are searching for particular keywords or phrases, closely related to your business. If you learn to use this type of marketing correctly, your sales will no doubt soar and your online business will grow considerably.


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